The Original Oracle  

2018 - Present 

The Oracle is the orignal iteration of the Oracle Project Series. It is an experiential work of performance art. The purpose of this work of art is to provide an interactive experience that yields catharsis, creativity, and respect for humankind. Each participant is encouraged to ask The Oracle for Advice. The project has been produced by the artist in many formats and media since its first iteration. The Oracle Project uses minimal but sensory-provocative materials to achieve one, articulate, and open-ended goal: to form a one-off, intimate, magical connection between two beings.

This premise is evidenced in the visual representation of The Oracle Machine: two lightweight foam boxes, one each worn by The Oracle and the Participant, that form discreet, isolated enclosures between each being in order to maintain their anonymity. The other-worldly, unusual appearance of The Oracle Machine is a parallel representation of the idea that the Oracle is a non-human, celestial or magical being, perhaps from another planet or realm. 

This project has been performed at Artspace, in Raleigh, NC, at the North Carolina Museum of Art, and other locations around the Triangle area.

Photo credit: Christopher Ciccone
Video credit: Oak City Productions