This Is My Day Job

Series of interactive performances

Over the course of Spring of 2016, Julia Caston ran a coffee shop, This Is My Day Job. Customers/participants traded drawings created with art supplies which Julia Caston provided, in exchange for a cup of coffee or tea. The caveat was that they must give up all artistic ownership of their drawings, which they were informed of ahead of time. Caston could reject the drawings or ask them to alter the them before she would accept them.

The project was funded through an online campaign on (supplies, travel costs, stipends for volunteers). Funders who donated $10 did so with the knowledge that they would receive one of the drawings as a gift.
The project had four events:
1) Greensboro, on Elm Street downtown.
2 ) Greensboro, in the foyer of the UNCG Art Department building.
3) Minneapolis, MN, as part of the Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover festival
4) Greensboro, at Dunnalia. In this version, Sheena Rose made a guest appearance as The Serious Art Critic, and made final decisions about whether drawings were accepted.
Over 70 drawings were collected, and $775 was raised through the online fundraiser.